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What is EIIMS?

EIIMS is a futuristic ERP System developed by H3 InfoTech. EIIMS helps Institute's connect Administrators, Staff, Students and Parents on a single platform. This will allow access to student's progress and historical data for ongoing analysis. EIIMS integrates, interlinks and streamlines the operational tasks in all departments to ensure transparency and accountability. Additionally, the flexible reporting and data mining options provide confidence and peace of mind that your information is available for all your reporting needs.

EIIMS supports each department's ability to inter- face and manage student's information such as: Full Tracking & Reporting with EIIMS your Faculty and Staff will be more efficient, while having 24 hour access to student information they needed to continuously improve results.

EIIMS- Description

EIIMS is an extremely intricate and convoluted system that handles 20 Colleges and 4 Universities easily and effortlessly.
The ERP consists of more than 500 screens and specialized modules for our clients' needs.
The standout feature of EIIMS remains its ability to be customized according to the specific need of our clients.
This allows our clients to use our ERP at the cost and service they want to spend.


Apart from the obvious benefits of an ERP software, EIIMS helps in significant cost-cutting in the Institute's expenses.
Below furnished is the list of modules we offer. Select the modules you would be interested in.

List of Modules

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