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Educational ERP Modules

1. Online Test Management:

Today Online Examination System has become a fast growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It needed less manpower to execute the examination. Organizations can also easily check the performance of the student and releasing results in less time. Administrator has multiple features such as Add, Delete, Update Topics and Question. ID and Password of students are provided at the time of registration.

2. Pre Admission Process (Application process):

Pre-admission to fee collection process of an institute is the most hectic and complicated process which can be made easy using modern technology to manage the process. EIIMS provides facility to manage entire admission process along with collecting fee from the student It reduces the hectic job of maintaining physical documentation as the process can be simplified by documents being scanned and attached in the software itself.

3. Institutes/University Master Setup (Super Admin Module):

In Master setup we manage the entire Administration, Campus, University, Courses, Departments, with their subjects, fee structure, duration and lateral. We can update the notice, upcoming events and message of Chairman. And we can also manage the role permission of users.

4. Enquiry/CRM Management:

College Enquiry Management Module is intended to give particular and individualized follow-up to enquiries created by every online action, Every student is connects through the CRM are traced, kept and used at key focuses in the admission registration process. It has Centralized Administration, Flexibility of Message through customized and provoke follow-up to all enquiries.

5. Admission\Academic Management:

At the time of admission, complete student information is entered into ERP to make it available whenever needed. The information collected includes information like Name, DOB, Address, parent and local guardian details, Course selection details, Qualification details, Marks obtained, etc. and we manage the scholarship and transport through it.

6. Attendance Management:

It deals with the maintenance of the student's attendance details. It is generates the attendance of the student on basis of presence in class. It is maintained on the daily basis of their attendance. The staff handling the particular subjects responsible to make the attendance for all students. Only if the student present on that particular period, the attendance will be calculated. The students attendance reports based on Monthly, Semester and subject wise consolidate will be generated.

7. Internal/External Examination Management:

This module is an important task for the evaluation of student abilities and performance. EIIMS ERP includes all the process like examination setup, examination marks entry. We can maintain all the details of internal/external exams, theory/practical test, teacher wise internal assessment and we will get automatic result and print marks sheets.

8. Users Management:

Through this module we can create the user Credential for their login on faculty portal as well as on main portal, by giving role permission as per their designation (User, Admin, Sub Super admin). Through role master we will give the action for particular role designed. After Credential creation it will send to the registered contact number.

9. Automated I-Card Generated:

As per the setting in Setup we added the header and footer of college with logo and when we single click, our ERP generate the College ID of Students and Employees, with their Picture, Joining date, DOB, Registered contact number and address.

10. Fees Management:

Fees Collection and Management are critical operations for the colleges. EIIMS helps in managing the operation of fees collection and fee receipt generation easily and quickly. Our Fees Management System also covers the different stages of the college fee management processes, through the options like Hostel Fees, Transport Fees, Mess Fees, Miscellaneous Fees, Late Fees/ Fines, Refunds and Settlements. It also shows the Overall fee summary report - college wise/ course wise/ Batch wise and Student overall fee collection report.

11. Financial Accounting:

12. Scholarship Management:

This module stores all the types of scholarships, and the list of all the students who have applied for scholarship. Scholarships are applied by college on behalf of the students, which are sanctioned by government and trusts. Each and every student scholarship details are monitored by scholarship officer in very ease mode since they have all details of applied student in very proper arranged manner.

13. Hostel Management:

This module ensures comprehensive control over the entire hostel work flow. This includes complete management of hostel attendance, mess, disciplinary log, room, bed allocation, check-in check out and more. Disciplinary log facility helps the management in authorized control over the hostel activities. Students, Parents and the authorized people in the management can access the software from anywhere and get updates on daily attendance of students in the hostel. Hostel fees and mess fees are linked up with the fees management module to automate the fee calculations of students.

14. Transport Management:

Transportation management module comprehensively handles the complete transportation process and ensures systematized, timely and safe transportation facilities for its students. With modules for allocation of vehicle to a particular route, setting up fees based on the criteria like distance/ area.

15. Inventory Management:

16. Library Management with Barcode System:

Library Management System is software used to manage the catalog of a library. This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library. It Keep record of different categories like; Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. Easy way to enter new books. It Keep record of complete information of a book like; Book name, Author name, Publisher's name, Date/ Year of publication, Cost of the book, Book purchasing date/ Bill no. Student can check the availability of book and apply online through student portal.

17. Student Portal:

This portal can be assessed by student. Administration provided credential for their login so that they will up to date with college news, events, their current fee status, receipt and they can check the availability of books in library, hostel details, their result status, attendance percentage and many more.

18. Faculty Portal:

faculties can apply leave and update attendance through it, they can easily communicate with other faculties through chat, examination marks entry (internal as well as external). They can view the attendance percentage as month, semester and subject wise individually. They update their daily work report and their lecture plan through it.

19. Parents Portal:

This portal can be assessed by parents. Administration provided credential for their login so that they will up to date with their student activity like their attendance percentage, results, fee status, hostel attendance, their academic calendar and many more.

20. HOD Portal:

Allocation of faculties for respective subjects and creation of their time table, setup of marks, approval of leave, profile update and can view the overall activity of faculties and they can convey the message to all faculties.

21. Automatic Report Service to Chairman/VC through Email/SMS:

On daily basis a message and email sent on the registered contact number and email ID regarding the full day activity done by campus employees, like total fee transaction report, login report, work status report no. of students presence in campus, total enquiry and admitted status report were sent.

22. Employee Management with Payroll:

Through this module we have all the details of employee with their department and personal details, we also manage the payroll of employee by their transfer of salary, their leave count, their attendance through bio matrix machine is connected with our EIIMS. Their subject allocation.

23. Employee Weekly Work Status Management:

24. Training and Placement Management:

This module help in provides the facility of maintaining the details of the students and gets the requested list of candidates for the companies who would like to recruit the students based on given query. We can filter the students as per company requirement in terms of their marks; we have all the details of alumni with their package, company name and on.

25. Communication/Reminder:

Through this module we will send the message to students, employee and parents in terms of their short attendance, results, fee remainder of their ward and they can give reminder to employee regarding meetings on their registered mobile number.

26. File Tracking System:

27. Fully Customized Reports for each Modules:

We have a report module that contain all the report of each module individually.

28. Android App for Student:

Students can get their entire informationusing android EIIMS app like, they can see their result, can get notification, can see their attendance weekly, monthly & yearly, they can get their assignment, notes, apply their leave using app and they can see the company coming to their campus for placement purpose, can get the placement question paper, upload/download their resume

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