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    Educational-ERP Management Systems
    Welcome to EIIMS Educational ERP System
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    Welcome to EIIMS Educational ERP System
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    Welcome to EIIMS Educational ERP System

Effective Admission Management

EIIMS adds, saves and manages the data of enquirer seeking admission in the Institute. The dashboard of EIIMS provides an outlook of the current admission scenario pertinent in the Institute. Admission process is mission critical for any education institute. If it is executed professionally then satisfaction and it also helps in branding of the institute.

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Faster Data Analysis & Reporting

EIIMS is best suited for management level analysis of any and every aspect related to the Institution. It conditions entire data and manifests it into understandable categories depicted by the links given in the window. It generates reports based on abstract, concrete, general and specific data allied with the Institution.

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Employees/Students Management

EIIMS is developed to serve and manage the employees working in the organization.It can be used to define the employee details and also be used by the Admin to manage the services granted to the employee by the Administration. Our System moniter the real time Activities for employees and Student.

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The most complete and comprehensive Educational ERP System!

The Education Institutes Information Management System(EIIMS) will empower your users with key data needed to create a better for your students,leading to higher retention and successful outcome This application supports each department’s ability to inter- face and manage student’s information such as: Full Tracking & Reporting With EIIMS your Faculty and Staff will be more efficient,while having 24 hour access to student information they needed to continuously improve results.

EIIMS PROVIDES A SOULTION TO ENSURE SUCCESS! H3’s web-based/cloud based/Intranet based Education Management System provides the most complete solution for your Group of Institutes/Colleges/University. EIIMS will help your Institutes/Colleges/University connect administrators, staff, students and parents on one single platform. This will allow access to student’s progress and historical data for ongoing analysis. EIIMS integrates, interlinks and streamlines the operational tasks in all departments to ensure transparency and accountability. Additionally, the flexible reporting and data mining options provide confidence and peace of mind that your information is available for all your reporting needs.


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John Doe

EIIMS has evolved over the couple of years. User friendly interface. Value for money product.

Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics
John Doe

EIIMS Pro was just the tool we needed. It automated everything for us and fit right into our budget.

Inspira Knowledge Campus, Kolkata
John Doe

We don't have to care for our data, every single information is available on our palm. Ease of use, Self explanatory, Best Move towards digital schools.)

Ajit Vidya Mandir Shikshan Sansthan, Sirohi (SP Group of Institutions
John Doe

The support is excellent. Thanks for the valuable support. I have seen so many educational software but fedena UI is superior and any educational environment can be managed through it.

Vidya Soudha Public School, Bangalore

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